I’m back

Wow, I’m really suprised – it’s more or less 1 year ago since my last post! Shame on me? Mmmh.. maybe, but I was busy with my scrapbook-stuff. I’m totally obsessed with paper.

But in the summer, it’s difficult to work with paper in the garden. To many materials, tools and other stuff ist necessary to work and so I thought, it is time to search my beading tray!

And here we go! I was really creative at the weekend and I’m pleased to share my new pieces.

First of all a pendant. I used a 27mm dentelle which I found in one of my boxes (by the way, you won’t believe how many beads I own…). I’m still not sure whether I have to add something dangling. It’s bit to simple, isn’t it?

Nevertheless, take a look:


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