Bracelt with Ring

My summer collection grows. As well I have a multitude of Rivolis in my stock. Since years I thought about a simple bracelet. And finally I’ve done it! 10 different color, peyote bezel and a little charm.

Of course there has to be a corresponding ring. Worked in cubic-RAW with some bicones. Perfect match I would say.

Duracoat delicas and sterling silver rocailles. Like that color mix.

I’m back

Wow, I’m really suprised – it’s more or less 1 year ago since my last post! Shame on me? Mmmh.. maybe, but I was busy with my scrapbook-stuff. I’m totally obsessed with paper.

But in the summer, it’s difficult to work with paper in the garden. To many materials, tools and other stuff ist necessary to work and so I thought, it is time to search my beading tray!

And here we go! I was really creative at the weekend and I’m pleased to share my new pieces.

First of all a pendant. I used a 27mm dentelle which I found in one of my boxes (by the way, you won’t believe how many beads I own…). I’m still not sure whether I have to add something dangling. It’s bit to simple, isn’t it?

Nevertheless, take a look:


Ich kann es noch!

Am Wochenende habe ich einen neuen Anhänger erfunden.

Die „Antonia“ ist ganz vielseitig, ob bunt oder schlicht, an kurzer oder langer Kette.

Ich habe sie immer mit Tassels versehen. Da stehe ich derzeit total drauf!

Die Anleitung ist in Arbeit und wird zum Wochenende fertig sein – hoffe ich

Hello again!

Dear Visitors!

Here I’m back.
After a really long break now the time has come where I miss my beads and I noticed that new ideas were build in my head.

True to the motto: class instead of mass I will not produce pattern and jewellery as I did in the past years. My new life didn’t allow me that 🙂

But nevertheless I hope to see you sometime visiting this site or my etsy-shop.

Here on this site you will find jewellery which you can buy. Please do not hesitate to contact me, if you are interested in one or another piece.

The pattern are available in the etsy-shop as usual. Link in the sidebar.


Thanks for your interest!